The complete name for this notebook is a bit long:  Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper notebook.  MIO stands for Mobile Ideal Original, implicates the portability of the notebook.  In contrast to brands such as Rhodia and Miquel Rius, this notebook is lightweight and ideal for those of us who just could not do without a notebook in a purse/ backpack.

Writing sample.
Bottom line:  Smooth paper, definitely gives gel and ballpoint pens more of a gliding feeling.
Off-white pages won’t strain the eyes as much.

Front cover.  Simple geometric patterns with no bells and whistles.

Close up on the cover.
First page.  Provided lines for ownership, subject, and whichever your heart pleases.
Kokuyo’s explanation on MIO on the first page.

Page view
Lays quite flat!
Glue/ tape binding that could make page removal difficult.

Comparison between Rhodia R and Kokuyo MIO.
Rhodia resembles the color of vanilla ice cream; Kokuyo a bit on the paler side of soft yellow.
media testing page.  I have used fountain, gel, felt-tip,  and pencil.
Surprisingly, only minimal feathering on fountain pen.
Show-through and bleed-through.  It is most obvious in Sharpie (as expected)

Fountain pen ink too has minimal bleedthrough.
If you are not planning to write on both sides, fountain pen will work well.
You can see the “carve marks” I made on the opposite page, which shows how thin the paper is.

Where can I find it?
So far, I have only found this notebook on JetPens website.  I speculate that Kinokuniya and other Japanese stationery stores might carry it too.

This notebook is on the pricier side, at $7.75.  It depends on the usage of the notebook.  If you use up notebook as you drink water, then this might not be the best notebook choice for you.  If, however, you plan to keep a diary with it, it would be a nice choice, since the paper will not yellow overtime.

Have you made any notebook discovery recently?  Do share!

4 thoughts on “Notebook Review: Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper A5 Notebook

  1. Paper thickness might be slightly different because the one I reviewed is very thin. Speaking of sending stuff, I should probably send you the ink sample…. is there any other ink you want to try? Kind of silly to send just one.


  2. I flip and flip the written pages, I don't hear any distinctive crinkly sound. Perhaps the humidity has something to do with it? I might be a better judge once I start using the notebook extensively then I can discern the sound.


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