Thanks to Lily of JetPens sending me the Kuru Toga pencil for review! 
If you need more in-depth information on this lovely item, feel free to check it out here.
Writing sample of Kuru Toga.  See how uniform it is?
Precision is Kuru Toga’ s specialty.
Click to enlarge the picture. 
Orange!  The color definitely enhances the excitement of the pencil
Out of the package.  Simple, no-fuss body design.
Some close-up of this little jewel.
The tip.  Do not understimate that tiny strip of rubber/ silicone.
It alleviates the worse case of writing callous!  
The barel/ “engine” of Kuru Toga.  All the actions will be visible.
The clip plus the eraser.
Kuru Toga logo printed on the bottom of the body.
Removing the tip to see under the hood.
The orange and white parts join by small gear teeth, which is how the mechanism operates 
Another look
You may ask whether Kuru Toga really makes a difference.
Pentel Technica-X is on the right, Kuru Toga on the left.
The lead for Technica-X is significantly slanted comparing to Kuru Toga.


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