It is odd that I succumb to any shades of green by R&K, though I already have many bottles of green inks.  Though I purposely skip green while browsing, I somehow got Smaragdgrün (Smaragd= emerald; grün= green).  Blame the trigger finger.  
I have to say that the photos on the ink label is a bit misleading.  I previously assumed that the color is more of a turquoise green, but it came as a surprise.  It is a crisp and refreshing green, if that makes any sense.  It reminds me of the first sprout of spring.  Like other R&K ink, it is normal paper friendly, with nice shading, and fast drying.  It is evident that it is not water resistant, but it is great to do watercolor with it.

This ink also immediately reminds me of another German ink, Pelikan Edelstein Jade.  Interesting to see how two German brands name their inks after precious stones respectively.  How similar are these two greens?

First four lines:  Smaragdgrün
Next three:  Pelikan Edelstein Jade
Last four:  R&K Verdura

When both inks intially deliver from the tip of the nib to the surface of the paper, they look literally identical.  The difference starts to surface once the inks dry.  Smaragdgrün has a combination of forest and a hint of India green.  Jade ends with a bit of kelly green. At a glance, both colors could pass for each other.  Verdura is used as a comparison point to contrast the two similar colors.  In comparison, Verdura is more of a lime green or mentis.

If you are looking for an economical alternative to Edelstein Jade, R&K Smaragdgrün would be a good choice.

You may find it at the following fine stationery retailers:

Jet Pens
Goulet Pens

Other fine review on the same ink:

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3 thoughts on “Ink Review: Rohrer & Klingner Smaragdgrün (Emerald Green)

  1. These two come very close in colors, but end with different tones. I took a picture of the comparison instead of scanning it because I was afraid the scanner might distort colors more extensively than camera. In my opinion, it is definitely a worthy substitute for Jade 🙂


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