I have tried many purple inks and you would think I would stop mesmerizing over any shade of it.  To my defense, for all the purple inks I have reviewed thus far, there is not one that I would say, “oh, that is purple.”  Thanks to Gentian‘s generous offering, I got a chance to try out another Sailor Jentle ink, Shigure (means drizzling).

First impression, are Caran d’Ache and Sailor received the same memo on naming their inks after some forms of rain?  When I first tested out Shigure, it reminded me of Storm, but not quite as ominous.

Similar to Sailor Jentle Grenade, Shigure is a smooth and quick drying ink that facilitates effortless writing and lefties.  It works very well with most papers I have tried, premium and normal.  As the writing sample shows, the saturation of this ink is intense to the extent that at some angle, this ink can pass as black with purple tint.  Shading is the interesting part of this ink.  With a regular fountain pen, Shigure does not show much shading in general.  Depending on preference, this ink could appear flat to some people.  The shading, however, can be more easily detected in calligraphy and ink wash.  The water resistance test was conducted a bit differently for this ink than the past ones.  Instead of using brush pen to create a straight line swoosh, I did a light and uneven diagonal wash over the phrase, so the effect of the wash versus writing is more visible.  The wash is a light lavender/ lilac color, which is a nice contrast to the dark grape color.

In comparison to Storm, Shigure appears as a standard purple that contains a good balance of blue and red.  It is not as bright as Diamine DC Supershow, but it is not dusky or gray like J. Herbin Poussière de Lune and R&K Scabiosa.

Top half:  Caran d’Ache Storm
Bottom half:  Sailor Jentle Shigure

Here comes the bad news. If Gentian were not generous in sharing Shigure, I would not be able to purchase it either because it was part of Sailor’s winter 2009 limited edition.  While it is impossible to acquire it anymore, let’s reminisce about it through other reviews:

Inky Journal (the scan of the ink look more blue than purple)
Michael R. from Fountain Pen Network (provides more extensive comparison to other purples)
Gentian Osman‘s beautiful art work with Shigure (with more skillful wash than my miserable attempt)


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