I am unsure about most of you, but I love receiving mails.  Unfortunately, not many people nowadays devote themselves in exchanging letters, so I receive mostly advertisement flyers, junk mails, and whatnots.  Whenever I receive something meaningful, it lights up my entire day.  
I receive one of such mails today.  A package from Tiger Pens of England!  To make this package a bit more special is that this is a Valentine’s Day giveaway I won a week before.  I receive two items in this package:  the Wombles toy (Orinoco to be specific), and a Pentel Stylo JL30.  
Here is the Wombes holding the Pentel Stylo JL30

Here are some pictures of the pen:
The grip on the cap facilities the removal of the cap.

I am unsure about you, but this ink meter is quite intriguing.
The measuring unit is unknown, but it is helpful in that you know how much ink is left.

The barrel is smooth, so it provides comfort in holding, even without any cushion.

The “nib”.  

A closer look to the tip.
Notice that you can use the side of the nib too to create various width of lines.

Writing sample:
If you enlarge the above image, you can see that even as a felt-tip pen, it is capable of writing lines with variety of width, which is a bit similar to flex pens.  The ink color is very vibrant and intense. Since the pen does write wet, the drying time is a bit longer than ordinary gel pens.  One observation I made is that even though the pen is capable of writing fine lines, but the line width does not stay consistent because how soft the felt tip is.  Given the inconsistency, the writing line might not be uniformly sharp.  This condition might vary from user to user, given that everyone applies different degree of pressure while writing.  Since I do write heavy-handedly, I am afraid the felt tip might be flatten soon.  Due to the amount of pressure I place on the tip, there is occasional small-scale ink splatters, which are not obvious unless you look at it closely.  
Overall, it is a very interesting pen to try.  It writes very similarly to Parker Ingenuity, but with a fraction of the price.  If you like consistent ink flow and smooth writing without worrying refilling the ink tank, Pentel Stylo could be your choice.  Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued, so act now if you are interested!


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