By now, it must be puzzling on why I am reviewing yet another Caran d’Ache.  I guess that Caribbean Blue really leaves an impression on me.  Another element of attraction is that I wouldn’t necessarily associate purple with storm, so I would like to see just how stormy this purple is.

Properties wise, it is identical to other ink in the series.

By itself, Storm looks very similar to R&K’s Scabiosa.  How does it compare to other shades of purple?
I just happen to have a whole arsenal of purple, so here is the comparison:

Because the comparison is written by Pelikan’s Double Broad nib, so all purple look extra concentrated.  The way to discern the difference is to look at the shading.  Storm is definitely a dusky purple, but it has a tint of brown when put next to Scabiosa.  Scabiosa has a little bit of gray undertone, which makes it a good alternative to black ink.  Storm can also pass as black when comparing to Private Reserve, which is this bright aubergine purple with violet shading.  To my eyes, Storm looks like the color of a cooked eggplant skin when it is juxtaposed to De Atramentis’ magenta violet.  De Atramentis’s magenta actually has a little bit less blue than Private Reserve, but not as red as I expected.  Storm looks more subtle than J. Herbin’s Violet purple, which is a light uplifting lavender.  Lastly, Mont Blanc’s lavender purple is clearly not too lavender, but more like a bordeaux purple.  
After comparing to all these shades of purple, I can see why Caran d’Ache names this purple “Storm.” This does not happen all the time when the storm comes, but sometime the air becomes absolutely calm before the advent of storm, and the sky looks gloomy, but at time with a tint of purple.  Storm inspires these associations.  It is a calming and subtle color that brings a sense of serenity.  

4 thoughts on “Ink Review: Caran d’Ache Storm

  1. Oooooo I LOVE dusty purples!!! Storm really does fit. Especially warm Texas storms. They get purple…. it's kind of terrifying lol. I also looooove your comparison of the purples… so envious of your purples heheheheh


  2. In the above samples, I believe I prefer either the Private Reserve DC Super Violet or the De Atramentis Magenta Violet. The range of color between concentrated spots to shaded spots is really complementary, very nice. The J.H. Scented Violet Purple is pretty as well but seem immature by comparison as the color is pretty straight forward. The other samples seem a bit too brown.


  3. The scanner might have distorted some of the colors as well. It really depends on what you are looking for, something that can be an everyday ink, or something you can enjoy in personal correspondence and journal entries. In person, I found PR Super Violet too bright. Magenta Violet surprises me with very little red undertone. Overall, they are all nice purples to make a full spectrum!


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