My little affair with stationery started with notebooks.  I remembered I was always fascinated by notebooks, no matter what type they were.  The primary school I went to actually supplied notebooks for Chinese block writing and math (they were only different by rules.  The one for character practice were in squares that is similar to grid.  One for math was college rules with a column in the center).  These notebooks were quite ugly appearance wise, but the mere acceptance of them gave my heart that joyous fluttery feelings.  

      Before I redived into the messy affair of fountain pens and ink sometime two years ago, I was looking for a notebook.  I had no idea which type I was looking for, so I perused.  I did not want a Moleskine, and I had not yet discovered Rhodia.  Just one of those serendipitous days, I found this little jewel:  the Mood journal.  

      Here is the manufacturer description:

      • Diaries and Notebooks in assorted colors …. colors that reflect your mood!
      • The exclusive metallic fastener on the spine, which holds the insert for these refillable books, is the innovative trademark for the Mood collection
      • The exclusive patented snap closure wraps around itself and serves as the perfect pen holder.
      • Cover is smooth, ecological bonded leather and is available in 8 colors

      The above description is taken from In Tempo English site

      The model I chose was medium, 9 cm x 16cm, color I chose is Titanium.  Instead of writing blocks of passages to describe the notebook itself, I will let the photos to the talking.

      The cover is made with recycled leather, which is probably some
      leftover leather from other products.  
      It is a smooth pearly leather that is on the harder side.  
      Unlike the soft and supple leatherette on Rhodia Webbies, this cover is harder to scuff.

      Another look

      Back cover

      The bottom of the page is embossed with the mother company’s name
      “In Tempo” and “Firenze” (Florence)

      The binding.  Since I have used mine for couple years now,
      you can see some wrinkles if you enlarge the picture.
      Front page, inside magenta panel makes the cover stands out!
      The little pocket can easily fit ID card and other little items

      This is the notebook itself.  The little ball point pen comes with the journal

      Back inside over.  Another organizational pouch.
      First page of the notebook.  Very similar to Moleskine.
      It allows you to fill out your vital information, down to one’s blood type.

      One shortcoming of the notebook:  I can’t stay flat!
      As you write closer to the edge, you will find your writing a bit squished
      because you might feel you are running out of writing space.

      Ruling of the journal page.  Very very faint, which is good.
      It will not obstruct writings in general.

       So how do you refill this notebook?  It took a little bit for me to figure out, but it was definitely not a neurosurgery.

      Do you see the two little hooks?  Those are the ones that fasten the notebook in place

      This view makes the hook a bit more obvious.

      The fastener will hook on the coil part of the notebook, top and bottom.

      You might think, would this notebook fly out?
      I have tried to thrust it out, but the fasteners tightly hook onto the notebook.

       This notebook looks nice, but how is the paper?  Not too shabby.

      Here is a scan of pages I wrote with a Lamy Al-Star sometimes last year.
      No bleedthrough, no feathering.
      The perferoated corners would help keep track of which is the most current page.

      Testing page.  This test result is not too bad consider it is not a heavy weight.
      If you stay with a fine or medium nib, you will be fine.
      As you can see, Pelikan BB definitely mess with the groove of the performance.
      Downside:  You can see minor to bad bleedthrough.
      The “culprit” for the bad bleedthrough is Pelikan

      Writing done by the ballpoint that accompanies with the  journal.
      Not impressed.  It is not the smoothest writig experience.

       Where can I buy this notebook?  Maybe I am not wonderful in web research, the one of the few places that sells this notebook, along with its sister product, is in UK.  Click here to peruse its collection.

      Bottom line, if you are looking for something that is portable and allows you to use a fountain pen, this little one will do the job.  This notebook will also allow you to customize how you want to use it.  If I remember correctly, there is a calendar refill too.


      6 thoughts on “Notebook review: Mood Journal

      1. I want to try to crochet a cover for that. . . cover. What's the dimension and how is the pen attached?P.S. Still haven't figured out that particular smocking stitch yet. I think it's better to go with a different smocking stitch pattern.P.P.S. What do you think of this knitting pattern for a blanket? It looks very comfy.


      2. I will give you the dimension when I get home. There is a tiny pen holder that is attached to the inside of the back cover. Don't worry too much about that smocking stitch. I just want to make sure I am not crazy!That looks like a simple pattern for a blanket. Recently, I just found an ideal candidate for JF's belated baby blanket.


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