I have not done an ink review for so long.  Part of the reason is that I have been busy at work and at home.  Another one is that I just realize I have a lot of ink.  To furnish a review for each of them would be a daunting task.  I guess I was a bit intimidated by my own collection.

When I opened my ink box for one to review, the first one that caught my eyes was Pelikan Mandarin.  I purchase this ink awhile back, and I have not used it until the day of testing.  I was never an orange person.  Though I love citrus fruits, but for some reasons, orange never grow on me.  Years later, until I started become infatuated with Rhodia products, orange started to look… pretty.  Weird on how a product can change one’s world view!

The packaging itself is very attractive.  From afar, it looks like a piece of candy or a delicately designed paper weight.  I did not realize that the emblem for Pelikan was so adorable until I took a picture of the cap for this review.  Here is the cap:

The emblem consists of a mother Pelikan with a baby one on the side.  I must not be the first Columbus who made this new discovery, but the moment I realized it, I immediately developed this warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Maybe emblem signifies continuation of tradition?  I am just speculating here.

Of course ink quality is more important than cosmetic of the bottle, but how could you pass up this gem?  It is evident that it can be an adornment for anyone’s desk.  The photos above should show a slight dip inside of the inkwell, which will facilitate refilling, when there is only a small amount of ink left.  The bottle itself, in my opinion, is a piece of art!

I decided to use my Stipula Vedo with italics nib to test out this ink.  The reason was that I read somewhere that italics or broad nib could easily exhibited the shading and quality of the ink better than a fine nib.  Vedo has an ink window, which conveniently showed the ink level.  As you can see below, my pen is in the spirit of Halloween!

While the ink sat in the bottle, the ink appeared as a dark orange with reddish tint, but when I actually wrote it, it looked more like a ripe persimmon than orange.  Well, maybe closer to a blood orange than a mandarin orange.  If you enlarge the pictures below, you will be able to see the shading a lot better.  The ink has no water resistance propery, but because the shading is so great, I imagine you can do water color with it.  If you use a pen with finer nib, the hue may appear lighter.

Pelikan on normal printing paper

Best news yet, the ink actually works decently with normal paper.  What I mean by decently is that it will have minor feathering, but not too seriously to the point that you are seeing Gestalt or blobs all over your paper.


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