When you have an abundance of something, some organization is required.  Though my share of ink reviews does not seem much, I have accumulated my share of ink over time.  It is not a daunting amount, but I am having trouble organizing them nicely.

One of the challenges in organizing ink is that bottle size and height are no way uniform.  Some of towering over the other.  To ameliorate this situation, I tried to keep all ink in their original packaging, so there were less grooves to accommodate. Some people suggested wine crates, but so far my luck in locating one is next to zero.   I did use a Numi tea boxes to house most of them, but I could not close the lid because Noodler’s BSB is way too tall.  Same happened to my metal Stollen box.  Those MontBlanc just stuck out about 1/8 inch over the box.  It was just an eyesore to me.

I perused at Target and Walmart for a suitable container, it seems the box is either too short or simply not big enough.  My poor ink and ink samples just sort of flowing around, waiting for a nice home.

While I was randomly walking in Walmart yesterday, I spotted a Sterilite storage box, with latch lock closure.  My eyes just sparkled:  this would be a nice solution to my ink collection!  Besides the good size, I can also see my ink inventory easily because the case is clear; that way, I do not need to play memory games on which ink did I put in which box.  Without much deliberation, I grabbed one immediately and rushed home to try out a long overdue organization.

Here is a show-and-tell on before and after results:


You see how some bottles towering over the boxes?  I cannot remember the last time I can actually close the boxes.
They are contained, but not absolutely content.

See?  Not just inks, even my pen boxes have a home now.
BSB now is shorter than the box!

Still using the Numi Box, but now it is less crowded and all the samples stay put!

 What happened to the Stollen box?  Do not worry, I have used it as a new home for my rubber stamps, seen here:

Do you have other good suggestions or more effective ways to organize ink?    Please feel free to share!

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