It is sad to have a pen that does not work as well as you expected; it is even worse when it is made by a reputable company.  I still write like a person who lives two centuries ago because I cannot revise my writing on the computer screen.  In order to revise effectively without being confuse by conversation bubbles and comment boxes, I have to print out a copy and do it by hand.   The problem is I do a lot of crossing out, redo, and repeat, so it would be helpful if the gel pen is erasable; thus explains my excitement when I see Pilot Frixion on JetPens.  A gel rollerball that is erasable, plus it is made by a renown pen manufacturer, what is not so promising about the pen?

Unfortunately Frixion turns out to be a bit disappointing.  I have this pen for 3 months now and the ink color becomes lighter and lighter.  As you can see in the writing sample, there is a white streak in the middle of each lettering, seems to be caused by uneven ink flow.  The barrel indicates that the ink supposed to be forest green, but the writing sample reveals that it is more of mossy green.  Besides the ink color mismatch, there is a design problem with the pen.  I purchased the plain simple pen that has a postable cap, with the eraser at the end of the barrel.  It would be great if the user does not have the habit to post the pen cap while using the pen, but it poses a usage dilemma to me since I always post the cap so I will not misplace it.  Needless to say, the cap covers the eraser.  One of the solutions to the quagmire is to purchase a retractable model, which is about $.50 more.  Another alternative is to change the position of the eraser to the top of the cap, in lieu of the end of the pen.

Frixion with the cap on.  The little knob you see on the left side is the eraser.

Uncapped.  Now can you see the eraser?

Another less satisfying part of the pen is the eraser itself.  At first, it erases the writing nicely, but as I use it for longer, it either leaves dark smudges or light grey streaks.  I suspect that the eraser was dirty, so I cleaned it thoroughly; however, it did not change the smudging situation.  While I can erase the writing (albeit incompletely), now I have the smudges to deal with.  As you can imagine, those smudges totally defeat the purpose of an erasable gel ink.

Would I buy it again?  I am hesitant on that.  For a pen that is nearly $3, I would expect it to work with a bit of flare, but Frixion definitely has a lot of rooms to improve.  Until then, I will save the $3 for refills and ink.

2 thoughts on “Pen Review: Pilot Frixion 0.5mm

  1. It is a nice concept, but it could be user error as well. Thankfully there are other bloggers out there who agree with some of my points. I would wait until Pilot come out with the next generation… or just suck it up using correction fluid.


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