I am surprised that I managed to finish the review.  It is so relaxing to look at the color. 

To my own surprise, I have never used any fountain pen ink other than blue or black until very recently.  Ever since I started using fountain pen, I always associated it with writing assignments and business.  Just one whimsical thought that opened up whole can of worms.  How about I do not want to write in boring blue, black, or anything in between?  Colors are available for a good reason, why not try it out?

I am glad that I had that thought, otherwise, I would not have the chance to encounter this little gem– Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea.  I have meaning to do a review for a long time, since I acquired the ink at the DC Fountain Pen Show back in August, but I have been putting it off because the color reminded me of San Diego.  Caribbean Sea has this calming effect, and it also arouses a certain sense of content, which are the similar feelings I felt when I was on the beach the last time.  In my head, I am pairing this color with Sunset , and the image echoes the entire line of colours of nature by the manufacturer.

This is a very well behave ink, just like Sunset.  It has good saturation, as well as shading.  On regular paper, as  you can see below, it has minor feathering, but not to the extent that you want to tear the paper up.  I guess my strong liking of this color definitely plays a role in this because the feathering does not look as bothersome as some other colors.  For the testing purpose, I used a glass dip pen by J. Herbin.  I have used this ink with Stipula Vedo with Italic nib, as well as KawecoSport in fine nib, and it worked very well regardless of the nib size.
Since I just started my color collection, this is the first turquoise I purchase, so I do not know how it is compare to other turquoise in the market.  There are two drawbacks in this ink.  First is the price.  A 30ml costs roughly about $20, so the price per ml makes less economical to be a daily go-to ink.  Another is the lacking of water resistance.  As you can see above, it does not withstand water in any way.  Regardless of the above two points, I still would recommend it to any avid fan out there. 

It might do for regular paper too, if you are not too picky in the aesthetic department. 

The ink has the capacity to make a regular piece of paper pop!


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