Review on R by Rhodia

Just a bit of a warning, this post is rather picturesque, more so than the previous ones.

I have been putting off doing a review on R by Rhodia because . . . well, I do not have a good reason.  When I first received the pad, I was elated because it was a sensation at the National Stationery Show in New York earlier this year.  Thanks to Karen of Exaclair for generously sponsoring the giveaway, I was one of the lucky winners.

Anyway, so originally I thought the day I start using this pad, I would have a “dedication ceremony,” or some sort of personal fanfare, but everything just took a different turn.  Those of you who know me well, I have been working on my master’s thesis more actively than before.  Just two days ago, I finally completed draft for Chapter 1.  When my friend whom I dedicated as the proofreader told me that there was no new information on the document that I sent her, I frantically started looking and found out that the cloud service that I used might have replacing the newer version with the older one.  Needless to say, I wanted to throw a pie at the computer, or Microsoft for that matter.  I felt that my blood was boiling because three-day worth of work just went down the drain.  I desperately needed a pick-me-up, which was challenging to find at 2AM in the morning.  I immediately thought of pen and paper.  If I had written the draft on paper, then I would have no fear to lose the electronic copy, so I decided to be old fashion.

I took out my R by Rhodia and started to glide my fingers across the surface of the paper.  Just buttery.  It feels like it can just melt on the finger tip.  The degree of smoothness is beyond description.  The paper’s ivory color not only causes less strain to the eyes, but also has a warming effect on me.  I thought since the paper is so smooth, writing instrument would just glide, but my assumption was proven wrong.  Writer can still maintain control of the writing instrument relatively well.  It is also very absorbent, given it is a 90g vellum, compare to the usual 80g vellum Rhodia pad (the ones I used for my ink testing).  When I touch the paper I have written on, I can feel the ridges of my own writing, partly because I literally carve when I write.  Thankfully due to thickness of the paper, I did not manage to deface the beautiful paper.  That feeling somewhat transported me back in time, when various historical figures left their imprint on human civilization (yes, a moment of fleeing fantasy of mine, and ridges on the document were also caused by very corrosive ink that is constantly eating the paper away).  This is probably me, but the paper somehow has beautifying effect on handwriting.  Mine is not the neatest, but they definitely look prettier on this paper.

This is probably one of the unorthodox and unsystematic reviews.  I figure I would kill several birds with one stone.  I write out that section by hand while testing out a variety of medium.  I experimented with both fountain pen and gel ink.  I hesitated using Noodler Baystate Blue because I was afraid of feathering, but guess what?  Unless I wrote over certain words of mine, the paper takes the finicky ink very well.  In a way, Bay State Blue was tamed by R!  I do not think my scans are sharp enough to see that effect, but the section that is composed with Noodler only feathers very minutely where the ink accumulates at the corner of the alphabets.

I apologize my horrible writing style in advance; you do not need to know the argument of my thesis to enjoy the paper 😉  All these pens and inks I have used all deserve more detailed reviews, but this post meant to showcase the paper itself, and I hope my review has done some justice.

Profile (for the particular one I review):
Name:  R by Rhodia
Size:  5.8 x 8.3
Format:  blank
Paper color:  ivory
Numbers of sheet per pad:  70
Price:  varies from 6.65 to 7.00 (Some online vendors do offer volume discount)


R by Rhodia.  Shrink wrap is still on!  The orange color is simply mesmerizing.  Just cannot wait to see what is inside.  Thank you Rhodia Drive!



Yes, it pains me when I folded the cover.  The inside of the flap is velvety smooth.  I imagine it will scratch easily.  I like the ivory colored paper.  Not only it causes less strain to the eye, but it also has a warming effect on me.


Yes, I write hard, even with a fountain pen.  As you can see here, I have made nice imprints in form of lines.  Good news is, no bleed through. Not even with the tenacious and finicky Noodler Baystate Blue!


Written with a Stipula “Vedo” Italic nib with Rohrer and Klingner “Scabiosa”
From top to bottom:  Petite 1 with Pilot blue black ink, Kaweco Iced Sport fine nib in Mont Blanc Violet, Hi-Tec-C in Blue Black .4mm, and Hi-Tec-C in Violet .4mm


Hi-Tec-C Apricot orange .4mm, Pilot FriXion in green .5mm, Uni-Ball Signo DX .38mm in blue black


The Parker 45 with Pelikan Royal Blue and Pilot Preppy fine nib with Noodler Baystate Blue


Pilot Preppy Fine Nib with Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea.  Last sentences are written on DotPad, in lieu of R.

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