J. Herbin Scented Ink Part II: Rose Red

At this point  you may ponder, “ink is ink, what is so fascinated about it?”  Just like any other objects, there are stories behind all ink, especially the ones that follow time-tested formula.  Using ink just gives a piece of writing more depth and more thought.

This piece is the second part to J. Herbin Scented Ink.  At first I cannot believe how rosy the scent is.  For some reason, most rose scented products do not resemble how a real rose would smell like.  While writing I would think I was sitting at a rose garden, appreciating the fragrance instead of writing.

One major difference between this particular review versus the two previous ones is the pen.  I used fountain pens for Sapphire blue and Apple green, but I use a glass dipping pen for this one.  Glass pen not only looks elegant, but it is also easy to use after several trial and error.  It is convenient in the respect that one can test several bottles of ink without flushing out ink and wait for the barrel and converter to be dry.  Instead, one only needs to rinse it with water, pat it dry, and it is ready to go.  The nib itself has spirals that supposed to hold ink, so with practice it is possible to write several sentences with one dip.  I often associate writing with a dip pen with leisure because you really need to slow down on your writing speed, other wise you will lose control of  your lettering.  If you look close enough,  you can see several spots where I hesitate and the form of the alphabets look different from other ones. Writing with glass dipping pen allows one to maximize the process of lettering!

Isn’t this a beautiful pen?

Ink review J. Herbin Red Rose

4 thoughts on “J. Herbin Scented Ink Part II: Rose Red

  1. I don't believe I will ever get the hang of using a glass pen. I'll just stick with the metal nib dipping pens. That said, your calligraphy is very sharp and much more legible and neat with this glass pen.How is it that this Rose Red ink smear more on the longer waiting periods?Is it really like a true rose scent? That's surprising considering even expensive perfume fiddles around with roses and deliver something uninspiring and wasteful yet still gets labeled as "rose."


  2. I was very surprised when I first opened the ink bottle because how much the fragrance resembled a real rose. J. Herbin claims that its scented ink is infused with Provençal fragrance. In other words, these ink are the progeny of aromachology and art. It can be argued that writing can be a holistic experience.There is an error in the dry smearing test. I did not take into consideration that dipping pen has different flow from regular fountain pen. In regular fountain pen, the flow is controlled by the pen, while with dipping pen the writer needs to take charge of the flow. As you can see, I have not gotten the exact science down on the dipping pen; therefore results a faulty dry smearing test. The drying rate of Rose Red should be comparable to the of Apple Green; they are technically the same ink with different colors.


  3. Glass dip pen is a god-sent when it comes to ink testing. You can simply dip it into water and wipe it dry with a towel. It is also great for people who write heavy-handedly (like me). You should consider getting a replacement!


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