J. Herbin Encres Parfumées Part I– Apple Green

Apparently doing ink review is quite addictive!  I have known the existence of scented ink for sometimes, but I was not sure whether I want to try it out for a good reason:  I am very selective on scent.  Sometime I am overcome by some floral undertone in perfume, so I was a bit worried that would happen to me with the scented ink.  Call me a weakling and a nerd, but J.Herbin’s name is irresistible.  Not to burden you with more history, you may find J.Herbin’s ink making stories here on its official website.

While most people praise J. Herbin’s regular ink, when it comes to specialty ink (calligraphy, scented, India ink), reviews are ambivalent.  I just have to give it a try to see it for myself.  Instead of purchasing individual bottles, I purchased sample 5-pack set that contains red, green, brown, blue, and violet in cute 10 ml glass bottle.  I can have them all without the burden of 30 ml each.  Thus explains the “Part I” in the title of the posting.

Without further ado, here is a review on J. Herbin’s scented ink.

Ink review J. Herbin Apple Green
Too bad I cannot attach a scent sample to the post.  Just imagine the aroma from a fresh Granny Smith once you take a bite, with a faint floral undertone.

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