Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire

This is my first ink review with actual writing sample!  I have read many reviews on Pelikan Edelstein series and not many people are too impressed with the ink.  Some said the color is not saturated enough, some said that the price of the ink does not match with its quality.  In contrast, my impression of the ink is favorable.  It has a nice purple undertone, which makes it stand out on white paper.  The flow is very smooth, and it is not as finicky as Noodler Baystate blue when it comes to paper choice.

I hope you will enjoy the review as much as I do!
Ink review Pelilkan Edelstein Sapphire

3 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire

  1. You're such an adorable nerd. I really like this experimental-oriented ink review–with graph paper no less. Please provide more reviews for your current ink collection. Future studies may include effects of different pens on the same ink.


  2. It is very fun to make a swab. I have to use a Q-tip to gather all the residual ink off a vial (I got the Edelstein Sapphire as a sample because I was not sure whether it is the right blue). I will need to furnish a writing report on Noodler Baystate Blue (the blue that grew on you while visiting several months ago), so that will be a good comparison. Pen definitely plays a big part on how each ink behaves. I am tempted to use my glass dipping pen instead of a fountain pen, since it is so much easier to clean a dipping pen versus a fountain. Nowadays, to thoroughly clean the pen, I soak the converter and the nip overnight in cold water. You should see more experimentation in the future!


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